An Unhealthy Lifestyle

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Does an unhealthy lifestyle differ from one person to another? A healthy lifestyle is a habit of thinking and doing things in the same way, following the same system, over again. A person’s habits are also called habits because people usually go through them from childhood.

It can be very extremely unhealthy or very healthy depending on who you are. It depends on the person. If you take the example of the very unhealthy lifestyle of smoking cigarettes, you will feel different than someone who just stopped smoking. Smokers can still get some irritations that are difficult to overcome.

A Very Healthy Lifestyle
An Unhealthy Lifestyle

Types Of Extreme Unhealthy Lifestyles

There are two types of an extremely unhealthy lifestyle. The first is through smoking and the second is through eating unhealthy food.

People who smoke cigarettes have the habit of smoking because of an extreme, unhealthy lifestyle. A person with it will stay in the same unhealthy way of thinking and do things for a long time and usually live for 50 years instead of the normal life span of 30 years.

In the case of the smokers in this extremely unhealthy lifestyle, they will always need the cigarette and will feel unsatisfied if they did not have one at all. There will be only moments when they will not want to smoke so they will smoke because they are in a bad mood.

Bad Side Of Unhealthy Lifestyle

Unhealthy people have a very low tolerance level of alcohol and will easily get addicted to it. An unhealthy person will not see how much alcohol affects their daily routine.

The smoker will be using the habit of smoking for a very long time because they will start drinking alcohol after they started smoking. However, the alcoholic drink will not provide any health benefits to them so they will continue to smoke cigarettes in order to obtain them.

People who have an excessive amount of consumption of alcoholic drinks will have the habit of smoking. They will use it to get the drinks. They will say that they will stop once they do not want to smoke but in reality, they will never stop smoking because of the intense pleasure that they get when they smoke.

Bad Effects

It will also use the habit of eating junk food to get the food and will find comfort by smoking in the corner. The same people will do this when they smoke a cigarette.

Individuals who lead extremely unhealthy lifestyles will try to forget their habits once they change to a healthier lifestyle. This can be very hard to do especially when they were used to having an unhealthy lifestyle. It takes time and effort to change.

An Unhealthy Lifestyle
An Unhealthy Lifestyle

Many people try to hide their smoking habit when they change to a healthier lifestyle. They want to feel good about themselves and do not want to be recognized for their habit. If you are a smoker then you are very aware of how your health can affect your lifestyle.

Being aware of your lifestyle is important to you and when you feel you have achieved a healthy lifestyle then you can be proud of your achievement. Having a bad lifestyle is not an option for you.

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