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Are you aspiring to be one of the best photographers, and do you find stiff competition? Are you interested in doing portable photography? Then you already know that you will need a lot of lighting accessories along with a high-quality camera. Numerous products can come under the lighting accessories, but you have to be very particular about a single one. 

You will only be able to explore the full spectrum of colors if you have soft and supple light. The light source should be wide enough to capture the entire subject area, and it is one of the unique accessories for photography studios. Among all the options that we can find, today we will talk about a specific product. It will be a little bit expensive, but all your lighting requirements will be solved for sure. 

Portable Photography Lighting Accessory

If you want to Grab this Accessory to set up your photography studio, this is the convenient option. You can get it for 96 dollars, and the package will include a 2M stand and a lamp. You will have to buy the lamp separately, and you can choose it as per your preference. 

It is high time that you started exploring your creative ideas with the help of durable equipment. It is also easy to use and set up any way you want, and you can use it for events like weddings and birthdays. 

It comes with a very durable and hardly stand so that you can put it up anywhere. Not only that, but you can get outstanding skills and video shorts with the help of cameras and camcorders. Buy the photography lighting accessories now so that you can get the utmost shots from your photography session. 


  • Brand name- DH
  • Model number- SH-RGX-01
  • Material- polyethylene
  • Shape- Rectangle
  • Weight- 1.6kg
  • Size- 70*12*12
  • Stand tripod- the height of 200cm
  • Completely adjustable
  • Weight of light stand- 2kg
  • Lamp holder base- E27
  • Softbox size- 50*70cm
  • Adapter Plug- US, UK, AU plug
  • Function- camera accessories for lighting
  • Feature- high-power safety energy saving


  • You will be able to get employee benefits from this lighting accessory because it is easy to work with. 
  • It is a beautiful tripod and will support your weight for a long time. You can use it as a portrait model and a photography studio for events like weddings and birthdays. 
  • The color spectrum will come out clearly if you use this light, and it will also save you a lot of energy. 
  • It is easy to install and available at a discounted price, and it also comes with durability, which is easy to maintain. 
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  • This Accessory can be a little bit expensive, and you might have to spend around $100, but the effectiveness is worth the investment. 


There are numerous portable accessories that you can check out, but this Accessory is going to take the crown.

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