Healthy Lifestyle Books: 8 Great Reads

Healthy Lifestyle Books: 8 Best Collection

Is your body functioning in the normal state? To be healthy, one must live with an excellent physical and mental disposition. Besides, WHO – World Health Organization – includes a definition of health social welfare among individuals.

However, are you aware of what to do to be healthy today? If so, check out this post for the eight best healthy lifestyle books that everyone should read.

Healthy Lifestyle Books: 8 Best Collection
Healthy Lifestyle Books: 8 Great Reads

Healthy living begins with regular appointments. Importantly, even with a lot of information on how to have a healthy life, we should not give up going to a doctor regularly for health insurance. Only he will know the best foods, habits, and physical activities for a completely healthy life at any age.

If you don’t have a plan yet, click here and request an online simulation. What matters is to be sure to take care of your health to live longer! Check out the eight best healthy lifestyle books that everyone should read.

Smart Fats Healthy Lifestyle Books

Did you know that much of the brain consists of fat? Your mind is over 60% fat. Therefore, consuming oils and fats has a profound effect on brain structure and function.

Healthy Lifestyle Books: 8 Best Collection

This book reveals how specific fats can transform people by affecting vital brain operations. This concept that the brain relies heavily on fat, and the right kind of it, will reshape your understanding of the links between mental functioning, the nervous system, and diet. Well worth the reading of Smart Fats.

Why We Get Fat And What To Do To Avoid It

Many people suffer from obesity around the world. In Brazil alone, almost half of the population is already overweight. The primary culprit of this is overeating of the wrong foods and also the sedentary lifestyle.

Notably, that’s why author Gary Taubes, a very prestigious scientific journal, says that thinking like this causes people to be accused of lack of willpower, when in fact, the recipe for losing weight doesn’t work because these aren’t the critical factors from the vicious circle of obesity.

The reason we get fat is based on metabolic dysfunction. We eat more because we are getting fat, not the other way around. Do not miss the content of Why we get fat and what to do to avoid.

The Power Of Habit (Healthy Lifestyle Books)

The book “The Power of Habit” is a way to study habits deeply. The author shows us how they work and explains how they can be transformed. Making a habit for changing your health can radically change your life.

For example, if you climb stairs, instead of taking the elevator, you are moving out of your comfort zone and, in a way, out of the sedentary lifestyle. Besides, small changes of habit bring positive results in your productivity, financial stability, and even your happiness. Worth it!

Sick Of Being Healthy (Healthy Lifestyle Books)

In this book, the author teaches that to be healthy, we do not have to abandon the delights of cooking!

Sick of being healthy addresses that chocolates, wines, peppers, and even the traditional coffee not only do not hurt, but are highly recommended for those who want to have a proper, and delicious food. With this book, you will find that eating tasty meals can be combined with elegance.

A – Z Of Complementary And Alternative Medicine

Academic research recommends that therapeutic practice to promote a healthy life should consist of fruits, vegetables, plants, clay, and water.

A – Z of complementary and alternative medicine already has more than 500 thousand copies sold and has become one of the primary references in natural treatments in Brazil. With it, you will discover how to treat over 250 diseases through natural resources with over 1,500 recipes.

Ageing And Physical Activity

In the book, Aging and Physical Activity, the author is considered one of the world’s authorities in exercise science. He addresses, through the scientific literature, the physiological changes arising from aging and how the regular activity can affect the process.

There are already over 1,700 references that make this book an excellent source for those who want to investigate specific areas of aging and activity.

Practical Guide to Healthy Caring

The Practical Guide to Healthy Caring is a perfect book for those who want a healthy life, as it explains how the body works, healthy eating, and the effects of alcohol, smoking, and drugs. It guides readers to stay fit, control weight and manage stress.

Healthy Lifestyle Books: 8 Best Collection
Healthy Lifestyle Books: 8 Great Reads

Adapted Physical Activity

Adapted Physical Activity provides essential information about physical education, sports, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and others. This is suited mostly to people with special conditions, emphasizing that everyone can live a healthy life within their limitations.

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