Healthy Lifestyle: Why It Is Important

Healthy Lifestyle: Why It Is Important?

The universal balance, the kind we have at home or in pharmacies, only measures how much weight is on it, but does not measure what exactly is on it. Here, we are going to talk about a healthy lifestyle.

The scale doesn’t know if you just had lunch. It doesn’t see the weight of your belt or shoe or if your bladder is full at that time. It also doesn’t know how much muscle and fat you have.

Healthy Lifestyle - Why It Is Important
Healthy Lifestyle: Why It Is Important

Healthy Lifestyle

What we need to clarify is that muscle is much more compact and dense than fat. So, one pound of fat takes up a lot more space than one pound of flesh. As a result, two people of the same height and weight can be different.

Body composition is what we should always look at. It is divided between lean mass, that encompasses muscles, bones, connective tissues, body fluids, and the fat mass that makes up all body fat. The focus of good health and longevity is to increase lean mass and minimize fatty tissue.

It is essential that the term “need to lose weight” is replaced by “need to reduce fat.” It is worth remembering that a certain amount of fat is essential for the body to perform vital functions, so regular exercise with dietary re-education will provide you with a healthy body recomposition.

Healthy Lifestyle For Healthy Kidneys

It can be achieved through scientific congresses and community campaigns.

Chronic kidney disease affects up to 10% of the world’s population. Until recently, there was a little comment, for example, on the relationship between kidney disease and obesity.

However, most of these cases come from metabolic disorders that could often have been prevented with healthy measures that include balanced eating and physical activity. People should know about the dissemination of renal health information. Notably, the combination of these factors is not only crucial for preventing kidney disease but especially for maintaining adequate renal function longer.

Summer Season Tips

With summer approaching, the concern with the body is even more evident, because it is at this time that it is most exposed. Those wishing to flaunt a more defined silhouette on the beach and pool days still have time to prepare for the hottest season of the year.


To achieve these goals, some changes in diet are necessary. Adopting a healthy lifestyle can be done pleasantly; the key is knowing how to choose the right foods. With that in mind, Kurotel – Longevity Center and Spa – has prepared some essential guidelines to start the summer in shape.

Healthy Lifestyle - Why It Is Important
Healthy Lifestyle: Why It Is Important

During summer, there is a decrease in basal metabolism, as our body does not need such an effort to keep the internal temperature constant, as is the case in winter.


For this reason, take lighter foods such as fruits, vegetables, and white meat. Also, consume whole grains (rice, wheat, rye, quinoa, corn, and derivatives), eliminating refined foods such as white rice, sugars, and white flour. Also, prioritize leafy vegetables, which contain fiber, minerals, and water. This act on the body’s detoxification and also contribute to hydration.

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