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quotes about balance

Quotes about balance can be found in many forms and at many times it is difficult to decipher one from the other. It is very important to understand the true meaning of balance and how it can be brought about in yoga practice. The term “yoga” actually means “to join.” In order to achieve balance, one must join his or her thoughts, feelings, body and breath to a common flow which eventually brings about the entire wholeness of the person.

In order to teach yoga, one must have some background knowledge of yoga. Iyengar yoga is one form that most people are familiar with. This particular form is based on the “asanas” or positions that are commonly seen in Iyengar yoga. These “asanas” actually help to align the body’s internal organs and muscles which ultimately assist in achieving balance and harmony. Many of the asanas require the placement of specific postures or sequences of hand positions and in turn this brings about an inner focus that will lead to better balance, better flexibility and strength.


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A variety of books can be found online that will provide quotes about balance. These include Iyengar yoga, Hatha yoga and tantra yoga. These texts provide insight into the true nature of yoga practice. For example, in Hatha yoga, all the practitioner needs to do is concentrate on each movement he or she makes. By doing this, they are able to bring awareness to the internal organs, muscles and tissues while maintaining the correct posture through relaxation and centering in yoga.

Another example is from the Ashtanga series. Here, a series of asanas are followed which, in turn, help to bring about a feeling of balance. When you start off the asana series by focusing on your breath, you are able to bring about the inner state of meditation. Balance is also achieved as your mind becomes still and serene. The asana also help to increase the power of your concentration as the mind is not distracted by the sensation of moving, which is another key element to achieving true balance.

Having Sense Of Proportion

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In order to achieve this balance, it is important to have a sense of proportion. You need to realize that the universe is not evenly balanced. On the positive side, life is balanced through harmony. On the negative side, there may be discord when things are not organized or when someone is out of place.

Thus, the yoga practitioner must realize that every little detail can have an impact in bringing about balance. If you practice yoga with dedication, you will learn to achieve this inner balance within yourself. In the earlier texts, we saw several quotes about balance. Some of them can be applied to yoga practice while others are for general purposes.


The most useful quotes about balance are quotes from the sages. The sages were right in their wisdom that health is wealth and riches can make one fall into the path of ruin. To maintain harmony in one’s surroundings, harmony is also necessary in one’s personal life. Thus, quotes like “balance is the way to live” by Swami Dhyan Giten indicate how it is important to maintain the balance in our relationships.

In business terms, it is also important to maintain the proper balance between work-life balance and personal life balance. In a work-life balance, what is meant by that is to maintain a smooth coordination between both. Yoga is a powerful tool that can help you achieve this balance. Therefore, one can find many quotes about balance that are relevant to yoga practice.

Final Verdict

A few of the most useful quotes are: “Yoga helps you find your center, so that you can concentrate on the goal you have set for yourself,” “you become what you work for,” “work does not make you happy, but it makes you happier if you know what it is you are doing,” and “the best teachers are those who teach themselves less.”

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