Perfect for Grilling to Keep Your Hands Away from the Heat and Quality Kitchen Tongs You Will Love!

Our hands are most prone to be affected when working in a kitchen. Heat can cause burn marks and pain when the skin is exposed. Most people prefer to use cooking tongs that ensure the safety of their hands. Most users find normal tongs, made up of just metal a headache as burnt food gets stuck to it. It takes a lot of time to clean such tongs. However, with Silicone non-stick tong, this problem vanishes, as no food gets stuck to it, and thus cooking becomes a smooth and easy process 

About The Silicone Non-stick Tong For Grilling Salad

However, unlike other products, this Ermakova’s tong is made up of Silicone, which makes it non-stick in nature. This product is made up of stainless steel and food-grade silicone, which does not melt even at high temperatures. Keeping in view the usability, this product has a comfortable and handy grip, with a special technique of locking the tong when not in use. It comes in two sizes- one in 9 inches, another in 12 inches. It retails for $20- $21 only

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The Pros Of Silicone Non-Stick Tong For Grilling Salad:

  • Highly Efficient: These tongs are designed in such a way that they have a perfect grip and are handy to the user. 
  • User-friendly, with its comfortable grip. Be it tossing salads to chicken pieces, this tong has a great grip. With only 9 or 12 inches in size, this tong is easier to be carried outdoors during parties or picnics. 
  • Heat-resistant: It is made up of stainless steel and silicone which has high heat durability. The silicone used here does not melt in the heat. 
  • Non-stick material: One of the greatest pros of this product is that it is made up of a non-stick material, which solves the major problem of tongs in general. With no more burnt food stuck to them, these tongs are the new trendy kitchen gadgets in town. 
  • Affordable price: These tongs are durable and efficient and can last for years together if handled with care. With all these features, it retails only for $20- $21, according to the size, which is quite affordable. 
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Is There Any Con Of This Product?

There are not many cons of this product. The only possible drawback is that it does not come in many sizes or colours. The only colours available are black and orange, and the sizes are only in two variants. Also, there is no cash-on-delivery option available for buying this product online. 


With more and more kitchen gadgets and tools being made, this product is one of the most efficient and affordable products available. It is a must-have for anyone, especially a newbie in the kitchen, who wants to make cooking easier and safer. 

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